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Drowning in Debt?

This is not about debt.  It's about your life.

Researchers state that debt represents an accumulation of hardships over time.  Let's face it, life is complicated and "stuff happens".  Even the wealthy have issues.  Ever heard of Gamestop stock?  


A divorce, job loss, a virus, identity theft and plain ole' bad luck can place you in a situation where suddenly have to deal with creditor harassment, credit card lawsuits, student loan collections, and perhaps a wage garnishment.


Debt collectors and bad credit make a bad situation worse and this can affect you for years.  First, debt it affects your mind, health and overall well being.  The resulting bad credit means life costs your more.  Insurance rates are higher, interest rates on car loans increase and generally you pay more for more things.  In other words, you are working harder when you may not need to.

At every major junction of your life you likely evaluate where you are and how you can improve.  Most of us go on diets and exercise from time to time.   We dump a bad boyfriend other or divorce a spouse.  We take steps to develop ourselves personally with school or work experience.  Have you evaluated where your finances are?  It's probably the number one area that affects everything. 


Too often we feel we can't do anything.  I'm here to tell you that you are wrong and I'm very excited for you.  Change your life.   We need to talk.

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