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City of Chicago Payment Plans for Tickets

Red Light Camera, Parking, Automated Ticket Payments Options | City Tickets Chicago | Clear Path Debt Relief Program

Learn how to wipe out unpaid parking and red traffic light tickets

Nothing is more grating than automated red light camera tickets that can accumulate for many month before you even know you have them.  City tickets can also be managed through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan if you were not able to negotiate a City of Chicago payment plan.

Often, tickets may be sent to an old address and your first notice may be the boot or perhaps you've been towed.

By that time, the amount may be so large that it becomes difficult to set a payment plan with the city.

If you tried to set a payment plan with the city here and you found them to be unreasonable or the payment plan to be very high, perhaps we can help.  

We can recover your impounded car, remove boots and deal with the debt often on more favorable terms.  It still takes some time, so it's best to consult us quickly.

Call to schedule a free, no obligation appointment and discuss this with bankruptcy attorney.  We never pawn you on inexperienced paralegals and clerks.  Deal directly and only with the lawyer that will represent you.


This city of Chicago currently has a program to pay parking tickets that may help you avoid bankruptcy.  The Clear Path Debt Relief Program is available here.

This program provides low-income motorists with relief for vehicle-related debt, excluding expired meter tickets. Benefits of CPR include:

  • Pay off the original fine amount for tickets issued in the last 3 years and all eligible older debt will be waived.

  • 50% reduction of new tickets issued within 365 days from down payment of debt relief payment plan.

  • New unpaid tickets will not be assessed penalties until after December 31, 2023.

Applicants are required to have outstanding vehicle-related debt and be the registered owner of the vehicle associated with the debt. In order to qualify, an applicant has to be a member of a household currently enrolled in the Utility Billing Relief program or have a household income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

If the Chicago Clear Path Debt Relief Program doesn't work out for you.  Contact us.  You may actually pay as little as 10% over five years in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy versus the 50% in one year.  Let us do the math for you.  In some cases a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be better for you than the Chicago Clear Path Debt Relief Program.

Spanish Speaking Bankruptcy Lawyer services are available for Debtors in need of a Spanish Speaking Attorney for City of Chicago Ticket Violations.


Read this case about impounded cars by the City of Chicago and the role of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - impounded cars must be released



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