City of Chicago Payment Plans for Tickets

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Nothing is more grating than automated red light camera tickets that can accumulate for many months.  City tickets can also be managed through a bankruptcy plan if you were not able to get a management City of Chicago Boot payment plan.

Often, tickets may be sent to an old address and your first notice may be the boot or perhaps you've been towed.

By that time, the amount may be so large that it becomes difficult to set a payment plan with the city.

If you tried to set a payment plan with the city here and you found them to be unreasonable or the payment plan to be very high, perhaps we can help.  

We can recover your impounded car, remove boots and deal with the debt often on more favorable terms.  It still takes some time, so it's best to consult us quickly.

Call to schedule a free, no obligation appointment and discuss this with bankruptcy attorney.  We never pawn you on inexperienced paralegals and clerks.  Deal directly and only with the lawyer that will represent you.

Spanish Speaking Bankruptcy Lawyer services are available for Debtors in need of a Spanish Speaking Attorney for City of Chicago Ticket Violations.


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